Wednesday, June 30, 2010

80 miles and beyond!

On June 12 of this month I had the privilege of waking up at 5am and escorting my 67 year old father to the start of another 100 mile endurance run (yawn). He's participated in at least a dozen or so of these things, so it's nothing new. He's also completed over 130 marathons/ultras in his life. It was a fantastic weekend. He ended up finishing first in his age group (60 and above) and was the OLDEST PERSON TO FINISH THE RACE! Although there were ups and downs to the race, he did an amazing job and I'm truly inspired... again.

In my own life I've been battling a bit of injuries. I took a few months or so off from climbing due to some finger issues after Joe's Valley. And then I got that nasty cold that left me with two inhalers and a cough that persisted for over a month. After that subsided I got back into running (to be in shape to pace my dad). I was up to doing 9 milers on some hilly loops and then I decided to play soccer for a friend's b-day party and bam... reinjured the knee. I guess I won't be in world cup 2014 :(. It's not nearly as bad before, and I've kind of gotten used to this whole injured lifestyle so it's no biggie. I'll be back at it in no time I think.

Here's the 15 minute documentary I made about my Pops... Passcode is SD343.

SD 100 2010 from Becky Trafecanty on Vimeo.