Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Randy's Greenhouse

Based on my lack of videos, I obviously haven't been out climbing much this past Fall; however I did manage to visit one of my brothers out in Tampa, Florida back in August. Randy and I explored a bunch of different places near Tampa. We saw dolphins, went fishing (I didn't catch anything), ate Robusto cheese (mmmmmmm), visited an alligator in a lake at dusk, gazed upon Dali paintings and swam in the ocean just before a thunder storm broke out. I have always known Randy to be one of the smarter people I know, being able to navigate topics from calculus to biology and everything in between. Randy and I made these videos while we were in Tampa together, where he demonstrates his knowledge about some pretty cool plants. He has many more videos about various plants (from venus flytraps to banyan trees) that you can find at Randy's Greenhouse if you want to learn more. Hope you enjoy them!