Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yosemite Fall '09 (Part Two)

I fear the time has come... snow has started to descend. Although many of us will have to wait until next season to send some of our projects, there were many great ascents this fall. The good news is that now that finals are over and my break has officially begun I have been able to compile a brief summary of some of the events from this fall. This video unfortunately is lacking; it neither contains all of the great events nor all of the great people.

Yosemite Fall '09 (Part Two) from Becky Trafecanty on Vimeo.

As with any closing door, another opens. After spending xmas with some of the fam, I will make the pilgrimage to Hueco for the first time, albeit a brief trip :)

Stay tuned...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lensbaby Photos

Hey all, I'm going to be submitting two photos to Lensbaby, and if Lensbaby likes them then I get my pics published in their book (cool) and then I get a free copy of their book (cooler). Sooo... here are some pics below that I'm thinking of submitting, and to the right is a poll I'd like you to take, letting me know which ones you like. You can pick multiple pictures (no limit to number). This will give me a better idea about which pics I should submit. Thanks peeps. Update: Since I forgot "Purple Flowers" in the poll... there is another poll to the right... if you like that pic click yes... I'll work out the math later. Thanks.

Pollen Bug

Daisy After a Rain

Pink Flower Field

Windy Daisies

Purple Flowers

White Flower


Purple on Dark

White Star Flower


Drops on Cactus

Yellow Feather

Justin Climbing


Blue Feather

The Mission

Weird Stick Thing

Little Yellow Flower

Daisy Field